Level Three - Expert

The Expert course offers a comprehensive training programme that has been recognised by the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) as a formal Junior Energy Manager apprenticeship. It's designed for staff who may not be energy specialists but have direct involvement with energy systems and targets as part of their job role. Participants will gain an understanding of how to create and implement an energy strategy, learn about energy policy and acquire the skills to handle energy data to help deliver improvements. 

The training starts with an intensive three-day classroom-based introduction, followed by a further ten shorter specialist modules delivered through a combination of webinars, online e-learning, tutorial sessions and further classroom learning. We will work flexibly with you to customise the content and delivery of modules to best fit your organisation’s requirements.

The Expert course takes up to two years to complete, although this can be reduced in line with a participant’s existing knowledge and work experience. Completion of the course includes a formal assessment that requires a 70% minimum pass rate.

With a nationally-recognised awarding body and the opportunity to apply for government bursaries to assist with funding, this course is an ideal way to establish professional status within the energy sector.

What does the content cover?

This comprehensive course covers the following areas in depth: 

Introductory three day course:

  • Energy data and management
  • Understanding the company and legal structure
  • Site addresses/usage
  • Legislation and compliance
  • Database creation and requirements
  • Data interpretation and utilisation
  • Internal benchmarking
  • Identifying areas of concern/potential savings
  • Prioritising and targeting energy reduction potential
  • Writing and presenting the business case to the finance director
  • Monitoring and reporting on project savings
  • Target setting, KPIs and appropriate metrics
  • Creating and reporting for energy targets and legislation
  • Staff awareness campaigns

Further ten modules:

  • Technical and operational issues
  • Energy assessment, measurement and verification
  • Behavioural changes and motivation
  • Regulatory and legal compliance
  • Energy management, strategy and planning
  • Carbon management
  • Procurement
  • Transport
  • Water
  • IT

By course completion, participants will be qualified, competent and confident energy management professionals. They will have an in-depth understanding of the wider energy management landscape, theory and best practice. Participants will be able to add value to your organisation through embedding high-quality energy management practise using the information and tools they have acquired during their training.  

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Registering your interest takes 2 minutes

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