Level Two - Champion

Champion level provides participants with a solid understanding of energy provision, energy data collection and reporting. It incorporates the Foundation level course, providing Energy Manager Association (EMA) Stage 1 online certification.

This training is designed for all staff who have an interest in, or some influence over, energy usage within their organisation. Typical participants could include site facilities teams, company Energy Champions, energy advocates, real estate teams, and staff with access to building heating and cooling equipment.

The Champion training is a one-day classroom-based course delivered by energy experts. It can be arranged to take place on or off site.

What does the content cover?

  • A broad overview of energy management
  • The importance of data
  • Key legislation, regulations and standards in the energy industry
  • Overview of best practice and how to be an effective Energy Champion

What will participants learn from completing the training?

  • Energy management – what it is and why it’s needed
  • Sources of energy data and how to use data to identify efficiency opportunities
  • Essentials of energy legislation and regulation
  • Essentials of energy management standards
  • Straight-forward energy saving ideas and practices for work and home
  • Positive communication of energy management with peers and seniors

At the end of the course, participants will have gained a broad understanding of energy management, including legislative impacts. They will have a thorough understanding of how data can support best practice. And they will have the tools and information to take personal responsibility for encouraging environmentally-friendly behavior within their organisations.

If you are interested in finding out more about Champion level training and how it could work for your company, please email your details to nBSemq@npower.com 

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Registering your interest takes 2 minutes

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