Level One - Foundation

The Foundation Level qualification is an online environmental and energy awareness course that’s suitable for any member of staff. It is accredited to EMA Stage 1 by the Energy Management Association (EMA) and the Low Energy Company (LEC).

The course is delivered via a secure and personalised easy to use e-learning tool that takes around 30 minutes to complete online and can be accessed from work or from home. Every participant who completes the training and assessment will be registered with the Low Energy Company and awarded a personal certificate. Participating organisations can become accredited as a Low Energy Company at one of three different levels, depending on the percentage of employees completing the training:

  • 30% - Bronze Accreditation
  • 50% - Silver Accreditation
  • 80% - Gold Accreditation

What does the course cover?

  • An overview of Climate Change
  • Energy and waste at work and at home
  • Using the learning for practical application

What will participants learn from completing the training?

  • An overview of environmental and energy issues
  • What companies can do to reduce their environmental and energy footprints
  • What individuals can do to reduce their environmental and energy footprints
  • Why it’s important to monitor waste and energy
  • The link between waste, energy and carbon emissions

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At the end of the course, participants will have a greater awareness of environmental and energy issues and associated impacts, why they are important, and how to communicate these to peers and customers of all levels. They will also be able to identify poor waste and energy practices and take action to remedy these.

What our participants think

Testimonial A

“I thought I knew a lot about energy already but the course really helped me properly understand the issues and how important it was that I helped sort these out. I’ve started turning off everything at home and remind everyone at work to do the same. I’m happy that I’m helping make a difference.”  Katie Thompson – Marketing Executive

Testimonial B

“The course was fun to do, and it didn’t take too long, so I fitted it in to my lunch hours across a week. I learned a lot about climate change and what we can do about it.” Alex Webster – Sales Account Manager

If you are interested in finding out more about Foundation Level and how it could work for your company, please email your details to nBSemq@npower.com 

Registering your interest takes 2 minutes

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