Here at npower Business Solutions (nBS) know that education is the key to better energy efficiency practises. Whether this is led by specialised individuals within your organisation or a shared responsibility across all staff.

At npower Business Solutions all our staff are aware of their role in making nBS a more energy efficient business and how the impact of their combined behaviours goes onto have a wider effect.

This ethos of understanding the value of actions, and a clear view of what actions to take, is now embedded in the four levels of nBSEMQ.

The courses have been extensively tested on our own staff, and as a result are designed to fit flexibly around businesses day to day commitments. We can also work with you to adjust any element to deliver the perfect course for your personal set of requirements.

Whether you want to roll the training out across your workforce, and gain recognition as a Low Energy Company(LEC) or whether you prefer to invest in key staff members, you will find a suitable level of training.



Suitable for all staff. This is an online environmental and energy awareness course which is accredited to EMA Stage 1 by the Energy Management Association (EMA) and the Low Energy Company (LEC).

The course is delivered via a secure and personalised easy to use e-learning tool that takes around 30 minutes to complete online and can be accessed from work or from home.

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Champion level provides participants with a solid understanding of energy provision, energy data collection and reporting. It incorporates the Foundation levels course, providing Energy Manager Association (EMA) Stage 1 online certification.

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The Expert course offers a comprehensive training programme that has been recognised by the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) as a formal Junior Energy Manager apprenticeship. It's designed for staff who have direct involvement with energy systems and targets as part of their role and will establish their professional energy sector status.

Taking up to two years to complete this training is a combination of classroom based learning, webinars, online e-learning and tutorials.  Government bursaries can be applied for to assist with funding.

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A post graduate diploma in energy management, designed at EQF Level 7 . This course is relevant for those who are directly responsible for creating an organisation’s energy policy and  strategy and who own the budgets and implementation associated with the same.

A minimum of 24 days of face to face training sessions are required, accompanied by home-study, course assessments and the successful completion of an in-company energy management project.

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