The Energy Managers Qualification

The npower Business Solutions Energy Managers Qualifications (nBSEMQ) offer a range of independently accredited training over four levels – Foundation, Champion, Expert and Master – to cater for all levels of energy education. Each one offers participants practical information they can put into action to make a difference to energy efficiency in the workplace, and also at home.

Award-winning npower Energy Specialist Dave Horton has been instrumental in setting up the new qualifications. "Cultural change through education allows companies to make significant savings,” he says. “After all, the most energy efficient equipment is equipment that’s turned off when not in use."

As a result, the nBSEMQ courses are designed to raise awareness of how individual actions have personal, corporate and even global impacts that may never have previously been considered, resulting in financial and environmental benefits.

All the training will be delivered by experienced experts with a proven track record in successful energy management. The nBSEMQ courses are accredited by both the Energy Managers Association and the Low Energy Company.

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Get energy smart

“nBSEMQ recognises that we all have a part to play in energy management. Embedding good practice throughout an organisation is one of the quickest and most effective ways to bring this about.”

Lord Rupert Redesdale
Chief Executive, EMA
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Level 1 Foundation

  • Duration 30 mins
  • Course type Online

An overview of climate change and how to be more energy efficient at work and at home. This course is suitable for everyone and leads to an independently accredited personal certificate.

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Level 2 Champion

  • Duration 1 day
  • Course type Classroom

Champion level is for anyone who has a particular interest in energy management, especially those who have some influence over how their business uses energy. Completers will receive Energy Manager Association (EMA) Stage 1 certification.

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Level 3 Expert

  • Duration Up to 2 years
  • Course type Classroom Webinar Online

A comprehensive training programme, recognised by the Department of Business,Energy, Innovation & Skills (BEIS) as a formal Junior Energy Manager apprenticeship. This course is for anyone who wants to become an energy specialist. Content covers how to create and implement an energy strategy, learn about energy policy, skilled energy data handling, how to deliver improvements and more.

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Level 4 Master

  • Duration Minimum 1 year full time
  • Course type Classroom Webinar Online

A post-graduate diploma suitable for energy specialists, individuals planning a career in the energy industry and for anyone directly responsible for creating and owning an organisation’s energy policy, strategy, budgets and compliance with any relevant legislation.

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